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But what was the Question? Pin

But what was the Question? Pin

$12.00 USD

"Technology is the answer, but what was the question?"


Our But what was the Question? pin commemorates the bearer's commitment to always design by starting with an answer to why something must exist. Why does this product/service/architecture need to be? It won't give you any super powers, but it will help you remember one of the central tenants of strategic design. If you don't believe it, don't wear it.

Based on this infamous wiper glasses photo of Cedric.


Designed by Dash Marshall
Darkened Silver finish
.75" (1.9cm) diameter
Affixes with butterfly pin back

$4 within US; $14 everywhere else (for as many pins as you like—order for the whole team)

Inquire for volume and wholesale pricing.

But what was the Question? Pin Image 2
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