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Matter Battle Poster

Matter Battle Poster

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Putting things together (or taking them apart) rarely goes exactly according to plan. Matter Battle is an essay to help you make sense of this by explaining the difficulties of construction, particularly to audiences who are used to the fluid possibilities afforded by the digital. We've converted the essay into a poster so you can more easily decorate your construction site, lab, or studio.

This limited edition of posters are each loving silkscreen printed by hand with the arduous process of 'rainbow rolling,' where two ink colors are mixed on the screen itself. As a result, each poster is pulled with its own unique gradient. No two are the same. Some have a perfectly smooth transition from green to pink. Others are marbled, streaked, or binary. The large white "Matter Battle" text is printed with a clear puff ink so it has depth and texture, and casts small shadows in sharp light. The poster itself is the result of a matter battle.

Hand numbered in an edition of 99.

24" x 18"

Poster & TpRawKost typeface design:

Bryan Boyer, Partner at Dash Marshall

Silkscreen printed by Ocelot Print Shop in Detroit, MI

French 100lb Speckletone 100lb Starch White from Niles, MI

No two are the same:

Puff ink gives the poster depth and a nice, fuzzy texture:

Hand numbered:

Multiple applications: